Who We Really Are

Exceptional celebrations with signature services

At Urban Desi, we believe that just like each celebrity, each party, too, should be unique and exceptional in its own way. If you want a party with Desi’s “Bollywood” feel in Australia, Urban Desi can be your ultimate party planner. Our reputation is second to none when it comes to party production and entertaining the Audience.

Talent should always be respected and uplifted. With our demeanor towards the artists and fame with the Audience, we don’t have to entreat the artists to perform for us. Instead, they themselves chose to join us, and such relations last forever. That’s how famous and respected we are in the entertainment industry. We have got the hottest performers from Bollywood to perform at the coolest places in Australia.

From Top Bollywood celebrities like Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, DJ Aqeel to sports personalities like Hardik Pandya, we aim to bring the best stars for an exclusive crowd in Australia. Urban Desi has also been a proud preference for the Indian Cricket Council for many events like team entry to the match, after parties, club events, and many more.

We aim to offer an unmatched party experience to people. For us, parties and celebrations make our lives colorful and enjoyable. For all Indian Bollywood fans, who miss the exclusive “Desi” touch at parties, Urban Desi comes up with amazing parties that mesmerize fans and followers.

With our distinguished yet perfected experience in the Australian entertainment business, we were the only company in Australia chosen to be the entertainment co-partners for many MTV events in Australia

The man behind the plan: Founder of Urban Desi - Gary Vohra

The man behind the name and fame of Urban Desi is physically present in Australia, but his soul always screams India. With his traces in Delhi, Mumbai, and Punjab of India and to keep the fun in Indian livelihood alive in a Foreign land, Gary Vohra has started Urban Desi.

In his 20 years’ time in Australia, he wanted to bring his homeland feel and fun to Australia. With close contacts and acquaintance with Bollywood stars, musicians, DJs, cricket stars, Urban Desi’s dream has started. Gary loves planning customized parties and events as per the unique taste of the Audience and loaded with stars from India and turn any event into a celebration.